Thursday, August 18, 2016

Teen Book Reviews, Part 2!

Looking for a good book to read? Check out these book reviews written by teens in our Summer Reading Program! This is the second installment of book reviews, look for more to come soon!

Reviewer:  JonMonica, Age 17   Book Title: Missing         Author: Catherine Macphail        Rated: 5 stars
Review: It was so intense and a page turner. I barley could put down the book. It was so descriptive and I wish there was a second book. It was one of the best books I have ever read.

Reviewer: Rose Y. Age 16             Book Title: Breaking Dawn          Author: Stephanie Meyer            Rated: 5 Stars
Review: I feel this way because Ms. Meyer weaves a romance story with such thrill and suspense that you can’t put the book down. From a pregnancy that could cause Bella to die, to the changing to be a vampire and finishing with a would-be battle to the death with the Volturri.

Reviewer: Mercedes M. Age 14                Book Title: The Disenchantments             Author: Nina LaCour       Rated: 3 Stars   
Review: The book called The Disenchantments was somewhat slow to me when I read the book. If the book wasn’t so slow then it probably could’ve been a better book.

Reviewer: Mercedes M. Age 14                Book Title: Four: A Divergent Collection Author: Veronica Roth   Rated: 4 and a half stars
Review: The book Four  is a fantastic book filled with action, romance and mystery. That’s one of the reasons why I like it because it has all those things in the book. Once I opened the book and started reading it I just didn’t want to stop.

Reviewer: Jonathan P. Age 14    Book Title: Narnia: Voyage of the Dawn Treader                              Author: C.S. Lewis                Rated: 4 stars
Review: By itself an amazing book, but compared to the rest in the series this one kinda lacked energy. Also Lewis did not provide enough info on some of the new characters. Strong warfare so still pretty cool.

Reviewer: Jonathan P. Age 14    Book Title: Magnus Chase The Sword of Summer                             Author: Rick Riordan                       Rated: 5 Stars
Review: LOVE RICK RIORDAN! The book makes you love all the characters and what they do. The book also combined warfare with everyday life. Also the storyline makes you want to keep on reading until the book is over.

Reviewer: Jonathan P. Age 14    Book Title: The Chronicles of Narnia Prince Caspian         Author: C.S. Lewis           Rated: 4 and a half stars
Review: Lewis provides lots of detail about everything, but sometimes it’s a little too much. The four states of the first book come back the traits changed due to their new age. Very exciting storyline.

Reviewer: Jeffrey P. Age 15        Book Title: The Crossover             Author: Kwame Alexander          Rated: 3 and a half stars
Review: While the story’s characters, plots and settings move the reader deeply, the form of the author’s writing retards any further delight from the literary work.

Reviewer: Jeffery P. Age 15        Book Title: Adam of the Road    Author: Elizabeth Janet Gray      Rated: 4 and a half stars
Review: Although crammed with historical facts and lore, the book remains so absorbing and lively that for all its authenticity it hardly appears historical. This and more describes the adventures of Adam as he looks for his dad and dog.

Reviewer: Jeffrey P. Age 15        Book Title: Planet Thieves            Author: Dan Krokos        Rated: 5 Stars
Review: Dan Krokos is a sci-fi genius. He perfectly described characters, feelings, weapons and situations; enabling the reader to believe he is watching a movie, not reading a book.

Reviewer: Baylee M. Age 17       Book Title: Junie B. Jones             Author: Barbara Park      Rated: 5 Stars
Review: Junie B. Jones put coal in her backpack. When Junie B. Jones thought she put a squeeze-a-burb in May’s secret Santa bag she was so scared what May would think about the coal that she thought she put in her bag.

Reviewer: Mercedes M.               Book Title: Vampire Academy    Author: Richelle Mead   Rated: 3 and a half stars
Review: The Vampire Academy is different from most vampire books that I have read. I like that the book is different and filled with struggle, happiness and some fighting with crime. The thing I learned from this book is that we should always help each other and stick together.