Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Teen Book Review, Part 1

Looking for a good book to read? Check out these book reviews written by teens in our Summer Reading Program! This is our first installment of reviews, look for more to come soon! Thank you to all who participated!

Name: Andrea W. , 17 y/o
Title of Book: A Nameless Witch
Author: A. Lee Martinez
5/5 Star Rating
Usually I don't read fantastical adventure books, as they generally have the same plot structure, but this book had some unexpected outcomes and character development, which I appreciate greatly. The humor is also great, as it is expected from a rag-tag group consisting of a demon duck, troll, and accused witch. The ending, with its sort of disappointing tone, is also one I greatly enjoy. Not everything ends happily. 

Name:  Andrea W. , 17 y/o
Title of Book: The 5th Wave
Author: Rick Yancey
5/5 Rating
This book kept me engaged throughout as it left some thought-provoking messages and took some unexpected turns. The plot is also something I feel is unique to the idea of alien invasion and what they are like. I will definitely continue the series. 

Name:  Melody T. , 17 y/o
Title: Sweet
Author: Emmy Laybourne
5/5 Rating
This thriller novel was action-packed and there was never a point where the reader got bored! The issues that it addressed were also very deep and relevant to today's society. Body image issues and eating disorders are real problems for all of us but this exciting book also gave the comforting message that your body is beautiful just the way it is.

Name: Michael H. , 14 y/o
Title: Hatchet
Author: Gary Paulsen
3/5 Rating
I like how he had to survive in the wild. 

Name:  Jaydin B. , 15 y/o
Title of Book: Hope Was Here
Author: Joan Bauer
5/5 Rating
This was such a great book. I loved how on point this book was about small town life. I loved all the twists it had. I also loved how I could relate to the main character!

Name: Madison B., 15 y/o
Title: Horimiya Book #1
Author: Hero and Kiasuke Hagiwara
5/5 Rating
I love the storyline of the book and how the book shows that everyone has different ways that they act alone or with friends. It's a super awesome book too!!

Name: Sydney E., 16 y/o
Title: The Impossible Quest #1
Author: Kate Forsyth
4/5 Rating
For a book in the children's section, it has many advanced words that give the book a more life-like impression. Its plot, however, was fairly predictable. 

Name: Chloe C., 16 y/o
Title: A Charmed Life
Author: Jenny B. Jones
3.5/5 Rating
It was a very exciting and suspenseful book, but I feel that the author could have done a better job in word choice and flow. 

Name:  Mercedes M., 15 y/o
Title: The Haunting of Sunshine Girl
Author: Paige Mackenzie
5/5 Rating
While I was reading this book, it kept getting more interesting. Usually, I don't get into a lot of humor books but this one kept me on the edge of my seat wanting to read more. 

Name: Bridgette R., 14 y/o
Title: Bleach Vol. 1
Author: Tite Kubo
5/5 Rating
I give this book five starts because even though the story has its serious moments, it also has many silly and funny moments. It also has many great fight scenes. 

 Name: Shontell M., 14 y/o
Title: The Maze Runner
Author: James Dashner
5/5 Rating
This book is full of mystery. It shows you can get anything done if you work as a team. Overall, I think it's just a really good book. It is one of my favorites. 

Name: Mercedes M., 15 y/o
Title: The Awakening of Sunshine Girl
Author: Paige Mackenzie
4.5/5 Rating
From the beginning of this book, it keeps you wanting to read it. Once you open it you will not be closing it because it's that good. I can't wait to read the next book!