Friday, April 17, 2020

An Update From the Library Director

Video Transcript:
Hi I am Sonja Ferrell the director of the Ottumwa Public Library and I am standing here today in a sadly TOO quiet library.  We received word from the Governor today that the schools in Iowa will be closed for the school year and that the other orders in place are still in effect. 
While we are whole heartedly in agreement to follow such measures in order to keep our community as safe and healthy as can be, it doesn’t lessen the feelings of sadness we have over not being able to keep these doors open. 
Next week is National Libraries Week and wow is it the most unique one we have ever celebrated!  But we do want to celebrate all libraries. We have a theme of “Finding the Library at your Place.”  To me that kinda goes with how I have always thought of the library.  If you are religious you may have heard your minister say before that the church isn’t the building it’s the people.  I think that applies to our library as well.  It’s not this building (which is a beautiful Carnegie library building) but it is what makes up this library, the people and the materials.  The stories in these books behind me (and in the e books online) can take us away from these present real life doldrums into another time or even another world.  Learning and expanding our horizons are normally done in this building, but they can be done in your own home as well.
I know most of the resources we refer to outside of the physical library are online and that not all of you can access those.  That is a community problem we must address, but in the meantime please feel free to pull up to Central park or into our parking lot and take advantage of our wifi availability. 
If you do have access to the internet please do follow us on FB and go to our website for a wealth of resources and opportunities to entertain and educate yourself online.  If you don’t have a library card please contact me through our FB direct message, email me at or leave me a voicemail at 641-682-7563 ext 202.  I will get a card to you over the phone and in the mail. 
Thank you for all of your support and I hope we see you real soon.